Welcome to a new series in the making:

Automata: Secret Lives of Machines

In my new body of work, I am creating a series of oil paintings with a layer of augmented reality (AR) that allows interactivity between the audience and the paintings. In the AR activated layer, the secret actions performed by represented machines will be surprising and counterintuitive, inviting the viewer to consider looking at machines in a new light: machines as beings with a purpose, with meaning that goes beyond serving man.  


This new body of work is expanding my practice beyond fine arts painting into new media production and immersive art experiences. Merging the language of a traditional medium (painting) with digital (AR) is exciting to me because it allows me to tell stories beyond what a single image can express. I appreciate the classic art form of painting which offers composition, simplicity, quality design, and aesthetic value. By adding a layer of AR video and storytelling, I can reach the viewer without compromising the fine art form.