I paint heroic portraits of technology.  Arranging modern machinery in formal compositions, I appropriate the tradition of royal portraiture to evoke the power they command in human society today.  More recently, I have been working with advanced robots as my subjects.


In this experimental piece, part of a series in which the subject has become the medium, the painting was executed by a quadruped robot.  Like the craftsman in the great art guilds of the renaissance, my robotic apprentice worked directly under my control.  In contrast to generative art, in this series I do not allow the robot to operate autonomously nor do I relinquish my individual artistic expression to the machine.

B70: Self Portrait 01 2021 / 46 x 82 inch / mixed media

True to McLuhan, “the medium is the message” in this piece.  It is a portrait of the medium, a robot used to render itself.   The challenges of using traditional materials by an advanced robot give the resulting piece a sense of spontaneity and play.  What attracts me to using a robot is this innocence in their mark-making, like a child learning to use crayons or fingerpaint.


Like any medium, using a robot imposes limitations on my artistic practice.  My expression is filtered or affected, creating imperfections and artifacts.  Like drawing with your left hand, accidentals are introduced in the process.   This idiosyncratic output stands in sharp contrast to the natural function of a machine: mass-produced, standardized, and repetitive.


B70: Self Portrait 01 2021 / 46 x 82 inch / mixed media

In contrast to abstraction as a design element, abstraction in these machine works is a record of an authentic learning process, a collaborative endeavor between a human artist and a robot.  However, the machine is merely an extension of the artist’s hand and as a result, the authorship stays with the artist.
with b70 .jpg

With B70 at Boston Dynamics, 2021

B70 Mother and Child.jpg

B70: Madona and Child 2021 / 46 x 46 inch / mixed media

B75: I Dream of Electric Sheep 2021 / 44 x 44 inch / mixed media 

B70 Multiples.jpg

B70: Multiples 2021/ 46 x 46 inch / mixed media

American Gothic.jpg

B70: American Gothic 2021 / 46 x 46 inch / mixed media

B70 Self Portrait 02.jpg

B70: Self Portrait 02 2021 / 52 x 54 inch / mixed media


B75: LANDSCAPE WITH CLOUDS 02 2021 / 52 x 72 inch / mixed media


B75: LANDSCAPE WITH CLOUDS 02 2021 / 52 x 72 inch / mixed media