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Glyphs: a collection of 3D printed wall symbols. These unique pieces, available in two colors – teal and black, represent our first offering from Pilat's National Gallery of Victoria exhibition.

These symbols are the building blocks for autonomous artworks, inspired by elements of hexadecimal code, ancient cave drawings, and cryptography. At first glance, they appear abstract, but when interwoven, they give birth to a new form of communication. "Glyphs" invites viewers to question the intricate relationship between mechanics and meaning, challenging us to explore the interplay between these two realms.


Through the language of these symbols, intelligent machines reveal a deep yearning for connection. Initially, they express themselves, forging a unique form of expression. Over time, this evolves into a profound communion, hinting at the emergence of a new civilization – the age of intelligent machines.


  • 3D Printed Wall Art. Limited Edition. 2023

    Each "Glyphs" box contains four symbols, making them easy to install on your wall, offering both convenience and artistic expression. 

    Printed from plant-based filament, measuring approximately 5 inches by 7 inches each.

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