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Agnieszka Pilat

PH: 415-871-9999



b. 1973, Poland


Agnieszka Pilat is an acclaimed artist whose works can be found in public and private collections. Born in Poland, Pilat maintains studios in New York and San Francisco, traveling between the East and West Coasts in pursuit of emerging technologies.


Pilat's career has led to exhibitions at prestigious venues such as the de Young Museum, in collaboration with Poland's Embassy in Washington D.C. at the Strathmore Center and the Air and Space Museum. She is a sought-after speaker on the intersection of technology, artificial intelligence, and art history, having delivered engaging talks at renowned institutions such as the Hirshhorn Museum, Stanford University, and the annual Founders Forum in London. She has also written on the topic for Artnet. Her current work explores the philosophical underpinnings of modern technology.


Currently, Pilat holds a position as an artist in residence at SpaceX, adding to her list of past residencies, which includes Boston Dynamics, Waymo, and Agility Robotics. Pilat's influential career and captivating artwork have garnered attention from prominent publications such as The Guardian, New York Magazine, The London Times, Forbes, WIRED, and The New Yorker, with her work also making appearances in feature films, including The Matrix.



BFA 2014 Academy of Art, San Francisco



Selected Residencies


2023 - current: SpaceX


2022: Agility Robotics


2020-2021: Boston Dynamics


2019 Waymo (Google X)


2018 USS Hornet Museum

Selected Press


Artnet News August 2023, Peek Inside Agnieszka Pilat’s Artist Residency at SpaceX


Euronews, June 2023, Meet Agnieszka Pilat: The artist creating portraits for the machines of the future


Mutual Art, May 2023, Agnieszka Pilat: Techno-Optimist


Forbes, April 2023, How Robot Art Reveals The Power Of Humanity


Cosmos, April 2023, The Art of Trusting Robots


Artnet News, April 2023, Agnieszka Pilat's robot dogs will paint inside a white cube for four months.


The Guardian, April 2023, Robot dogs among 100 artists to be unleashed on Melbourne for 2023 NGV Triennial


The Smithsonian Magazine, April 2023, These Robot Dogs Are Learning to Paint.


The Australian, April 2023. It’s puppy love when robot dogs are art’s best friend


The Sydney Herald, Robot dogs are coming to Melbourne to make art, not war.


The New Yorker, February 2023,Can Psychadelics Heal Ukrainian's Trauma?


Designboom, December 2022, Agnieszka Pilat On Her Creative Collaboration With Robots


Artnet News, October 2022, I Make Art with A.I


Hyperallergic, September 2022, A Robot Dog Is Painting Self Portraits


CoinDesk, September 2022, Are NFTs Rendering Art Meaningless?


The Times, May 2022, Why Silicon Valley fell for an artist and her (robot) dog


CNN, April 2022, Spot can Paint!


New York Post, March 2022, Art produced by robot dog raises $40,000 for Ukrainian refugees


WORTH, 2022, 'How Agnieszka Pilat's Painting Become Blue Chip Picks for Collectors and Titans of Industry


New York Magazine, January 2022, Agnieszka Pilat has become the Silicon Valley elite’s favorite artist


The Boston Globe, January 2022, 'Portrait of a Robot as a Young Artist


Artnet News, January 2022, ‘Power in Society Is in the Machine’


FORBES, October 2021, Renaissance 2.0., Will Have You Second-Guessing The Future Of Technology


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MVS , September 2021, ‘Spot’ de Boston Dynamics, retratado por una artista al estilo de ¡Leonardo da Vinci!

Creator, May 2021, 'Discussing Machines, Technology, and Portraiture Painting with Artist Agnieszka Pilat'


Stuart, March 2021, 'Portrait Artist of the Machine World'


Paradox, March 2021, 'Artist Agnieszka Pilat Explains Why The One Percent Will Own Reality'


World Class Performer, February 2021, 'Short Life Lessons From Agnieszka Pilat'


Medium, October 2020: 'A Modern Day Love Story: A Painter’s Brush Meets a Robot' 


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Resident, October 2019 ‘Pilat: Disrupting the Art World with her #disrupt Series’


Forbes, September 2019 ‘Silicon Valley’s Favorite Artist’


Times Square Chronicles, September 2019  ‘An Artist Who Brings Technology to Life’


Bay Area Women Mag, May 2019, 'Technology Storyteller'


Cultbytes, November 2018 ‘The Artist That Became the Darling of SF’s Tech Elite’

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